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What is a 2 year Certification?
While we cannot predict with certainty how long the roof covering will remain in
serviceable condition, this roof covering should remain in serviceable condition for
a minimum period of two (2) years.  This warranty is not an insurance policy and
therefore does not include any pest/fungus/dry rot conditions or roof leaks that may
exist but were not revealed at the time of the original repair.  This is a visual
inspection of the roof cover only.  We have not undertaken to remove roofing
material and/or conduct an inspection of inaccessible areas of the roof, including
inside the eaves or by the interior areas.  Should you desire such an inspection,
this service is more extensive and must be by separate contract.  Cosmetic or ‘curb
appeal’ items were not addressed and are not included in this certification/warranty.
It was a visual inspection of the roof surface only, and the roofing material was not
removed to examine the underlayment or nailing unless specified below.  The
interior of the house, including the attic was not inspected, and this inspection
does not cover the structure, electrical, plumbing, or gutters.

Please note that this inspection report is not a guarantee that the existing roof is
free of defects.  The sole purpose of this report is to determine the expected
service life of the roof under typical weather conditions with proper maintenance.

We assume no liability for roof leaks that have not been disclosed to us or reported
to us at the time of our inspection.

After these repairs have been completed, this roof should meet the minimum two
year life expectancy requirement, which is the expected standard.

Please not that this inspection is not a guarantee against leakage, but an opinion on
the serviceable life of the roof.  Our company assumes no liability for any damages
resulting from leakage.  This roof should be periodically inspected, repairs made
when needed, and kept clean of debris.  This would be considered normal
homeowner maintenance.

This Inspection and report are not an appraisal of the property or a recommendation
to purchase or not to purchase the property.  Our company assumes no liability for
actions taken or not taken resulting from the opinions expressed in this report.

The sole purpose of this inspection was to determine the remaining life expectancy
of the roof material.  Due to the multitude of manufacturer’s, this report does not
guarantee that the roofing materials were installed according to the manufacturer’s
instructions unless the instructions were provided at the inspection site.


This roof covering will be warranted for a period of TWO years from the completion
date of the above-described repairs.  Contractor agrees to repair any leaks, which
occur within a period of two (2) years.  Except those caused by deliberate abuse,
neglect, severe weather and other unforeseen problems (previous leaks not
disclosed by others at time of inspection)  Leakage caused by excessive foot traffic
on the roof cover, debris build up, building additions, natural disasters, application
of surface roof treatments, wind damage, mold of any kind, pressure washing,
Instillation of exterior decorations, and / or sports equipment, installation of
television antennas and / or satellite dishes, new or existing skylights and frames,
solar panels, alarm systems, air conditioning units and / or other types of heating /
cooling units are not covered by this warranty.

Damage to interior spaces due to roof leaks undiscovered / undisclosed at time of
this inspection, due to the limitation of a visual inspection only, are not covered
under this warranty.  Intentional disturbing of the roof cover will void this warranty.  
In addition, it does not apply to patio covers, chimney, or separate fixtures attached
to the home unless otherwise specified but only those livable areas specifically
covered by the roof are included in this warranty.  Moss/growth/mold  is not
covered under this warranty.  There is not a guaranty against future leaks but
certification states that the roof should remain in serviceable condition for the
stated time period.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance is required on all roofs by the homeowner to prevent leaks and
damage to the roof system.  This maintenance should include but is not limited to,
the trimming of trees back off the roof, cleaning of debris from the gutters, chimney
area, valley and flashings, and keeping foot traffic on the roof to a minimum to name
a few.  Each roof system will vary determined by the materials used and the
different surroundings.  Exposure to the sun is a major factor in the deterioration of
a roof.
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