Frequently, homes & buildings have roof surfaces that fall below 2/12 pitch (2" of
rise for every 12" of run) and industry standards do not allow the installation of
shingles on slopes this low.

Cal-West Roofing Inc. has extensive experience using EPDM Rubber Membranes
and SASBS Modified Bitumen (two and three ply rolled roofing with granulated cap
sheet) to handle these low sloped areas.

For roof areas that are 'dead flat,' we can install a tapered insulation system to
give your flat roof the minimum slope necessary to effectively shed water.

Choose Stanislaus County's Cal-West Roofing Inc. for all of your flat roofing needs.

Available SASBS Modified Bitumen Membrane Colors
Click on the link below to view our SASBS colors:

Available Flat Roof Products:



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