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WARNING: Chemicals
known to the State of
California to cause cancer,
birth defects, or other
reproductive harm are
created by the combustion
of propane, use of hot tar
kettles and tar products.

Our industry is required to
comply with Proposition 65
known as the California
Heath And Safety Code. We
are required to give you
this warning.

I am very happy with the repair work you and the crew did on our hot-mopped
roofs as well as the sealing, cleanup, and extra edge priming. Also, I really
appreciated everyone's willingness to answer my many questions as the work

Thanks to you and to Harvey, Robert, Dave, Doyle and Jose for a job well

Sandy Paulson
We were lucky that it rained so soon after the roof was repaired so that we
could see what needed to be adjusted. I thank you and your crew for your
good work, attention to detail and efficiency at addressing the problem.

Isabelle Williams
Thank you so much for being so responsive. The girls at the salon were
surprised that I just left once I'd shown you where were having the problems. I
explained that I had complete trust in you, that you do excellent work and that
you are very honest. I hope the confidence I displayed in you will result in their
using Cal West if they or their parents need new roofs or roof repairs.

Congratulation  31 years, we are all hoping and praying for at least another 64
years, Al, Thanks so much for the great job, and that white looks great, just as
you said. I start putting your money together, the first of the week. Again
Thanks, as always another great job. You have a customer for life.

I really like the white roof.  I took the dog across the street to do her business.  
There are too many weeds and thorns on our side.  Coming back I got a good
look at the roof.  It looks
G R E A T and I think it's very  A T T R A C T I V E!  You
can tell it's
R E A L L Y  W E L L   D O N E .  I'm really glad I listened to the
expert.  You know your stuff.  Gratefully.  Arliss   
Hello Al,
I just wanted to thank you, I do appreciate all of the hard work that you and
your workers have devoted to my property in Modesto. I will call Larry and
pass the message to him.
Thanks again
Hi Al, thanks for the photos.  You are really a very special person and we have
been blessed to know you. Thanks again for the wonderful care you have
given to us.  Erlene  

P.S.  We would love to have your sign in our yard. Your sign is why we called
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