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  • What Is Dry Rot?
Dry rot (right) is a weakening of wood caused by one of several species of
fungus. The fungus digests the parts of the wood that give it strength and
stiffness. Weakened wood is typically somewhat dry, hence the name "dry
rot", and brittle and may have a "blocky" appearance.

Ironically, dry rot usually results from too much moisture in contact with wood.
The fungus has the unusual ability to transport water from wet areas to dry
areas allowing the fungus to grow in, and infect, dry wood. If not stopped the
dry rot fungus will so weaken wood that it may eventually disintegrate. Dry Rot
Wood must be repaired and replaced with new materials.
These images show what dry rot typically
looks like. We are professionals at
repairing dry rot, the cost is time plus
materials. Cal-West Roofing Inc will repair
up to 100$ of dry rot free of charge per job.

Dry rot is work that has to be done in the course of our job and we get it
done quickly and efficiently.
Rafter Tails and New
Dry Rot Repair
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