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At Cal West Roofing Inc, we believe that the roof drainage system is as important to the
protection of your home or building as the roof itself.

When functioning properly, the gutters and roof work together to guide rain-water safely
away from areas that are likely to be damaged otherwise.

Without a properly installed and functional gutter system, exterior paint, siding, and
foundation deterioration is a certainty.

To maintain the functionality of your drainage system, Cal West  Roofing Inc also
recommends regular cleaning (twice a year, late fall and late spring) or the installation of
some type of clog protection.  Check out our GutterStuff clog protection product below:
Types Of Gutter Systems Available

  • Seamless .027" Pre-Painted Aluminum K-
    Style & Half-Round

  • 16oz Copper or Lead Coated Copper K-
    Style & Half-Round

  • 16oz Copper or Lead Coated
Copper Queen Anne (Built-In)

  • Commercial Box Gutter

Cal West Roofing Inc provides a clog protection system, for your gutters, that
is invisible (from ground level), effective, and affordable (less that $10.00/FT)

Our, GutterStuff, foam filter insert is manufactured to fit both K-Style and
Half-Round gutters, and doesn't require roof deck fasteners to install. To learn
more, click on the logo below:
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