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At Cal-West Roofing Inc we are determined to provide the
highest standards of excellence, quality, and knowledge in the
shingle roofing industry.

Your shingle roof is your first and most important defense
against the elements of nature that can quickly destroy your
home or building. Don't trust your biggest investment to just any
roofing contractor; trust the experts at Cal-West Roofing Inc
  • 3 Tab Shingles:

Three tab shingles are the roofing industry's standard,
consistingof two layers of asphalt around a fiberglass mat
core covered with ceramic mineral
granules, notched into three integrated pieces, or tabs.
  • Dimensional/Architectural Shingles

Dimensional/Architectural shingles are created by bonding or
laminating two asphalt shingles together, giving them a distinct
three-dimensional appearance similar to that of wood shakes.
Laminates are considered more attractive, they are heavier in
weight, and they have longer life spans.  
  • Designer Shingles

Most shingle manufacturers produce a line of designer
shingles that offer the homeowner a variety of more
sophisticated and unique design options.  Typically, designer
shingles are heavy weight multi-layer laminates that provide
deeper shadow lines, richer texture, and simulate more
expensive roofing materials like slate.
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