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Bilco’s Lumivent™ Automatic Fire Vents provide natural daylight
and energy efficiency, with an attractive dome and enhanced
thermal insulation. Designed for buildings with large expanses of
unobstructed space, the skylights open automatically during a
fire, allowing smoke, heat and gases to escape to assist fire
containment. They feature GE’s translucent Lexan Thermoclear
glazing, an innovative polycarbonate that maximizes light
transmittance while minimizing solar heat gain and preventing
UV degradation. For more information, visit
Centerpoint’s new patent-pending translucent roofing systems
are designed to allow penetration of natural, filtered daylight
without the energy loss and higher heating and cooling costs of
glass roofing inserts. The new systems use GE’s Lexan
Thermoclear multi-wall polycarbonate sheet, a material based
on GE’s tough Lexan resin. It withstands wind loads up to 140
mph, has superior UV resistance and impact strength, is
lightweight and design flexible, and provides exceptional sound
and energy insulation. For more information, visit
DayStar skylights illuminate buildings during daylight hours
without electricity. An 8-square-foot skylight can light 460
square feet of space for retail sales, office and school
environments, manufacturing facilities and other workplaces.
Their ability to function on the cloudiest of days reduces
lighting energy costs up to 50 percent, according to the
company. Lens options include full spectrum for most
applications and white for low ceilings and soft-light office
spaces. All roof domes carry lifetime warranties. For more
information, visit
Dipcraft translucent fiberglass panels create ideal skylights
and sidelights for industrial buildings. White translucent
fiberglass panels reflect heat and transmit 65 percent of light
to provide a soft, scattered effect. Panels are available in many
corrugations to match metal panel profiles, or they may be
mounted on existing roof curbs. Translucent exterior grade flat
panels are also available for side light and exterior curtain wall
applications. For more information, visit
Nauturalite Skylight Systems introduces its new Vertex2 line of
economical fall-protection skylights. Independently tested to
provide fall protection per OSHA CFR 29 standards, they have
an impact rating of 1,000 foot-pounds. The skylights are glazed
with high-impact acrylics and a UV-resistant coating to prevent
deterioration. They feature a double-dome design and come in
both dome and pyramid shapes. An optional thermalized curb
construction reduces condensation inside the skylight and
improves overall performance. For more information, visit
Solar battery-powered skylight blinds from Velux offer the
convenience of an electrical blind without the expense of
installation by a professional electrician. A built-in solar cell
converts direct or diffused sunlight to electrical energy, which is
stored in a battery with a capacity of approximately 500
operations without recharge. The blinds operate by remote
control and are designed to fully block light from entering the
room. For more, information, visit
V-Tech skylights from Portable Pipe Hangers Inc. incorporate a
new molding process that ends skylight moisture penetration by
replacing waterproofing seals. The company completely
encapsulates Low-E laminated glass in aliphatic polyurethane
manufactured exclusively for V-Tech by Recticel. This allows the
glass to bond directly with the frame, eliminating any possible
water infiltration. The polyurethane is light, stable and integrally
colored. It offers a high degree of design freedom, a wide color
palette and remains flexible for the lifetime of the warranty. For
more information, call 866-491-0843.
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